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Some of my earliest memories are sitting in a stairwell landing and drawing for hours as I watched the light dance ‘round my colors and lines with,

what I thought at the time, was fairy dust.


 I have always loved design and the way line and space play off each other to create something meaningful, elusive yet tangible.


My artistic interests are diverse and I am attracted to styles and perspectives that are different than my own.  I try to look at things from as many angles as I can to cultivate my ability to see things from various points

of view.


I love watching people, imagining their stories, and attempting to express and conjure emotion from what

I perceive; that which makes us feel alone, but ties us all together.


I am attracted to detail and often work backwards starting with the most forward and tiniest elements, slowly moving toward the background or ‘the big picture’, layering concept and content, alternating words with line, form with color, and watching the piece take shape as my response dictates its direction.


Art that challenges the senses and evokes emotion, ideas that resonate across time, and yet are so personal they cross borders and cultures; that are socially aware and reflect our present society and state of mind, echo where we come from and tell our stories, that is the Art I aspire to.


I use what I find, as well as what I can make to create artwork that speaks to me, and cultivates a relationship to things I feel but can’t see. Concept and content are important, but often,

just something beautiful is enough.

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