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                         Finding beauty, even solace, in the everyday, multi-media artist,

Melanie Zipin composes her musings from the material that surrounds her. 

Taking an early departure from her inner-city roots, the high deserts of New Mexico

provide ample space and vantage for such an introspective watcher.

Her writings are an amalgamation of joy and sorrow, reflecting on the commonality 

of the individual contrast.


                        The confluence of her artistic endeavors celebrate the underdog,

even when they are lost, knowing that the human spirit can be rebuilt with dragonfly wings,

crisp fallen leaves and the lone call of a coyote. 


                        Zipin has one son and lives with her husband, far from the concrete, thankful for

every drop of rainwater that sustains them, in a house they built from hand-piled mud, where she

makes art and music, and writes and writes and writes.

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