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Updated: Apr 21, 2019

Photo Credit: Bruce Bloy

Round Abouts

it can be hard to explain oneself -

find the proper category

or feel like there must be one.

for me - one thing leads to…

informs another

you don’t have to only grow

one type of plant

to love gardening

or even

to be good at it

but often it is said –

your fate pronounced -

if you are a jack of all trades –

you will be master of none

and perhaps…

perhaps it’s true

but can you not love all your children – each in their own way

and still with passion

nurturing each with the attention

and focus they need

for their own growth

to merge a love of words

with a tangle of music

for color and line

to mingle with shape and sky

for earth to sing to the stars

and jazz to fuse with hip hop

is there any reason

food and wine should be

separated from laughter and conversation

don’t sing at the table or you’ll get a crazy husband

don’t mix fiction with fact

don’t paint with your fingers

or outside the lines

why not –

paint pictures and tell stories

grow vegetables and cultivate flowers

sing and draw

dance and sew

hand and hand with your crazy person

I want to say that I am a –






That I am proficient at ONE thing

That that is my specialty!

But alas, I hop around like a schizophrenic rabbit

But when I stop

To focus

On that one thing…

I put all my everything there

All my art – my sense of shape and color, my words and rhythms – go into my music

All my music and experience and movement – go into my art

All my love and life and emotion – go into my words

My All into My Everything

if I chose only one

I think it would be less – not more

so I hope it is enough

these pieces of me

that are my everything

that is who I am

and to that

I give my all


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