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count on

count on

when people you count on


you have to count backwards

and then in skips

and then in jumps

you have to count the white Four-O-Clocks

the magenta Prickly Pears

the ever-elusive Indian Paint Brushes

and the Chollas in bloom

try to count the Bees kissing the Datura

the Ants crossing the road

the Ravens ardent calls

the Jays cryptic answers

don’t forget the sips of your coffee

the lines in your palms

the faces in the rocks

and the ripples in the pond

there is too much magic in the Sky to count –

Clouds morphing into mystical creatures

but you should take a moment

and watch them change shape

then you can count –

your changing

you’re changing too

you count

the strokes of a pen

the words on a paper

the pages of a book

the flapping of wings

the claps of thunder

the drops of rain

the ticking of silence

the flashes of smiles

the beats of your heart

when you can count on no one

you can count on everything –

count the things you don’t know –

the steps you have yet to take

the gifts you have to share

the places you could go

the tickling joy

the swallowed tears

the avoided pitfalls

the everything you can still –

See and Do

Hear and Touch

Taste and Feel

it’s a lot

I’ll count for You

You count for Me

count on


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